Thursday, July 25, 2019

News from Siegel & Strain Architects: new majority owners


Photo from left to right back row: Charlotte Hutton, Jil Eliason, Amanda Knowles, Seth Dunn, Colin Searles, Marjorie Smith, Henry Siegel, Andrej Dekleva, Michael Hayden, Roland Lazzarotto, Jonah Merris, and Felicia Alford. Left to right front row: Lindsey Moder (seated), Laura Levenberg, Susi Marzuola, Allison Hyatt, Larry Strain, Nancy Malone, Austin Justice, Madison Jackson. Seated in front: Judy July, Karen Richards. [Photo: Kevin Meynell 2019]

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Nancy Malone and Susi Marzuola are now majority owners of the firm. They will continue their close collaboration with founding principals Henry Siegel and Larry Strain to create a legacy of projects that improve people's lives, shape communities and nurture the environment. Our long-term relations with clients like the National Park Service, NatureBridge, City of Berkeley, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts of Northern California and others are also supported by our exceptional team of Senior Associates Michael Hayden, Marjorie Smith, Karen Richards and Director of Historic Preservation Lindsey Moder.

Siegel & Strain Architects is now an Alameda County Certified Small, Local and Emerging Business (SLEB), Women-Owned Business Enterprise and California Department of General Services Certified Small Business (Micro). 

In recent months, we have welcomed new members to our team: Felicia Alford, ASID, IIDA, Designer; Jonah Merris, Designer; Austin Justice, Designer/Intern.

We are pleased to announce that several staff have recently achieved licensure: Charlotte Hutton, AIA; Allison Hyatt, AIA; and Amanda Knowles, AIA, LEED AP. Andrej Dekleva, AIA, LEED AP, was promoted to Associate. 

We would welcome a chance to connect or reconnect. Reach out to Malone, Marzuola, or any member of the Siegel & Strain Architects team.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Sustainable design has a whole new meaning

Apricot tart
Architect [and baker] Larry Strain's latest staff meeting treat. Not a low-carb footprint. Flaky, flaky tart.