Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We have a new website!

Imagine a website built in the late nineties. The Internet, being roughly ten years old at that time, allowed only limited choices — and what it could provide for designers was haunted by the words "web safe." Font choices were limited to a dismal seven (Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Georgia, Comic Sans, Trebuchet and Courier). If you dared to walk the cutting edge, you were forced to make your entire menu navigation out of images of your favorite unavailable font.  Bizarre color palettes were forced on us because computer screens could only render 256 different shades. Ha! And there was no such thing as a weblog.

At last we have arrived in a modern webscape: a white background to clearly feature photographs of our projects; a new way to display thousands of fonts, thanks to Google; a simple, easy-to-navigate, yet elegant layout; and bigger, better and crisper images of our projects!

Look around, enjoy viewing our projects, and feel free to share with your friends and colleagues.

Here's a picture of the new design.

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