Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Fast Forward to Fridays

by Susi Marzuola, Principal

Gotta give it to the young architects and designers of Team S&S. These kids are resilient!

They adapted to their new work situation without a blink. Granted it’s familiar, their at-home work environments, and, sure, there have been a couple techno-glitches. So maybe a few blinks. But only a few and not for long, all handled with good nature and patience. 

Zoom? Boom! No problem. GTM, Cisco Webex, Google Docs, Microsoft Team, Sharefile, Smartsheets, Slack, a new VPN? Bring it. Utilization hasn’t dropped. Production hasn’t dropped. Attention to clients, projects and detail hasn’t dropped. If an exponential increase in email volume is a measure of good communication, then we’re on FIRE! (Gotta work on that. Ideas, anyone?)

Siegel & Strain plays baby picture game

Then there’s our virtual happy hour, organized by a couple of these resilienteers who have a seemingly endless supply of creative GTM party games. Everyone shows up with a smile and a bit of news on Friday afternoon to mark the close of another blur of a week. We check in, we share a laugh, we grow closer. 

We are grateful that we’ve all remained healthy and engaged while physically distant; grateful for your creative workarounds and for pushing out of your comfort zones; grateful for 3D-printed PPE components for healthcare workers; grateful that you're helping parents, family and friends; grateful for your continued commitment to a cleaner environment and a socially-just humanity; and grateful for your positive attitudes during these most unusual times. 

You shine. 

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